Hillary Dawes Online Spiritual Life Coaching Ministry

                                                                    Reverend Hillary Dawes, PhD, SC

 Ordained Minister, Certified Biblical Health Coach, Spiritual Life Coach,
Author of Book,
Surviving a Biblical Economic Crisis:  A Biblical Perspective

Find relief, comfort, and guidance in the struggles of daily life, whether it be in finances, health, broken relationships/marriages, spiritual depression/oppression, or just needing spiritual support to go through emotionally difficult times, such as death in the family, divorce, or so on.   Get help also if you are transitioning, or trying to get out of a cult, or coming out of a toxic religious environment.   Get spiritual relief for depression and stress. Learn the spiritual principles of love for romance, and successful relationships/marriages.  Remove the spiritual blocks in your life that are preventing you from finding an abundance of peace, joy, and love.

This is a non denominational professional counseling service/ministry, where your personal religious/spiritual beliefs will be respected.   We offer an initial FREE spiritual assessment where your problems are evaluated from a spiritual perspective, and where also solutions are provided for your problems.   For those who desire to have personal coaching, we have several life coaching programs designed for your spiritual needs that you can participate in, for a fee. Coaching packages are inexpensive, costing much less than an office consultation, and you get one-on-one online coaching for a set time period, from three to five weeks, depending on the program.   We also offer prayer for those who are just simply interested in getting prayed for, and there is NO CHARGE for prayers.  

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 Spiritual Life Coaching Programs

  • Are you carrying emotional baggage from past relationships or from your divorce?  Sign up for my Emotional Baggage Removal Program, to remove those toxic emotions out of your life, that are affecting your current attempts at forming a new relationship.  

  • Are you suffering from chronic depression or stress and nothing seems to help?  Sign up for my Spiritual Renewal Program and get relief!

  • Are you suffering from spiritual oppression/depression, possibly demonic attacks? Sign up for my Spiritual Cleansing Program and be free!

  • Are you suffering from 'bad luck' in marriage and relationships, or you are interested in finding love but cannot find it?  Sign up for my Four Loves love coaching program and find the love you have been searching for.  

  • Are you a victim of a toxic religious environment or a member of a cult and want to leave, but are afraid to leave, because you think you might go to hell if you leave?   Or, you have left a toxic religious environment or a cult, but you're still suffering emotional pain from your past experiences in that group?  Sign up for my Cult Deprogramming. 

  • Are you in deep debt?  Are you suffering from financial lack even though you tithe?  Do you feel as if your finances are cursed? Are you always in lack no matter how much you earn?  Sign up for my Abundance and Prosperity Wellness Program, and find peace and financial security.    

  • Do you have any other issues, or matters of conscience of a religious or spiritual nature that are causing you emotional pain, guilt, and feeling hopeless or lost?  Fill out the Contact form below, for an initial Free Spiritual Assessment.   

  • Do you just simply need prayer?  Fill out the Contact form below with your prayer request.

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Rev. Hillary Dawes, PhD, SC

P.O. Box 772654
Coral Springs, FL 33077


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